Linda Cadeau Penny Kirkham Paulette Conway Sylvia Cassidy Linda Wieneke Connie Rendell Barb Batstone ? McFarlane Brenda Calver

Newburgh Public School

Grades 1 & 2


Donald Kerr Jacqueline Hird Carolyn Godfrey Trudy Keller Joanne Roantree Nancy Huffman
Randy Hart Roger Hart Lionel Hart ? McFarlane ? McFarlane ? McFarlane Peter Murphy Jim Keller Robert Wood
  Richard Gilbert Darwin Sousey Douglas Coda Barry Remington Vaughn Godfrey Ronald Gilbert Ed Harrison  

This is the class picture for Mrs. Laura Burgess' Grades 1 & 2 class at the Newburgh Public School.  Mrs Burgess passed away October 21, 2010 at age 101 at The John M. Parrott Centre in Napanee .  If someone can help me with the names, I would much appreciate the jogging of my memory.