Newburgh Public School - 1959

This structure is the original Newburgh Academy first occupied in 1853.  The original building was gutted by fire in 1872 and only the stone walls were left standing.  The iron fire escape was added to the front early in the 20th century.  Originally it was built as a "finishing" school for higher education. The upper half served this purpose while the lower half served as a "common" school.  Later, it became the local high school above and lower grades on the first story.  The high school section closed in 1952  allowing the public school to occupy the whole building.

Shown above is the Grades 1 & 2 class enjoying recess in 1959.  The school finally closed in 1965 and still stands, being renovated into apartments while keeping the exterior intact.  The late Robin L. Fluke has written a historical book on the school called "Old Newburgh Academy 1839-1965".   The book also contains a chapter dedicated to local history of the village and interviews with some local people of the time about their early memories of the school, including Miss Margaret Mitchell who became principal of the public school in 1914.

The new Newburgh Public School opened in 1965 and the expanded school bused in children from outlying areas and villages such as Strathcona, Moscow, and Yarker.

Grade 7 of the Newburgh Public School in 1965 saw a doubling of the class size and a move from two grades per classroom to one.