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Unclaimed Items for Sale

Below are items “never claimed” after ordering or “wrong” size.  These items are “on the shelf” ready to ship.




British Royal Marine 1812 Shako

Shako uses wool felt stretched into the traditional shape.  There is an internal hat band of soft suede leather with a natural linen liner bag to adjust the hat height.  Size is medium.

Complete Shako - $199.00



British Late Victorian Busby Hat

Hats worn by the British in the late Victorian (circa 1905) time and into WW1. It is made with Persian wool, feather plume, chin scales, and the traditional silk cord rosette with the queen’s crown mounted on it. “Square” wool cording decorates the outside.


Busby Hat - $250.00


1855 British Shako

The picture, shown to the left, is the standard British shako in use from 1855 to 1861.  It is made from wool felt and has a leather sunken top with both a front and back brim.  There is a small leather pocket sewn in the front to mount a ball tuft.  This particular hat is sized extra small suitable for a child or a female soldier.   

Basic 1855 hat - SOLD