Jim Keller's Military Accoutrements

        Contact: Email is the best way using the Email address above, (to stop spam, there is no link, you need to type it in).

        When Ordering:

        · For a shako or hat, I will need the circumference of your head just above the ears.

        · For belting, I typically need an idea of height & waist. For a bayonet belt, the distance from the top of the frog to the center of the chest.

        Ordering & Contact Info

        · If I have the time and if the project looks interesting, I am quite willing to tackle something new. Email is the best way to contact me.

        · I am not an historian so do not expect any expertise if you do not know what you want. I do have several books for reference but no formal training. I am an electrical engineer by trade.

        · Prices as of February 2024 subject to change without notice.

        · Please note: Prices are in US Dollars, for Canadian prices add 15% plus HST

NEW! - Items for sale which are made but not paid for or wrong size:  Sales Page

British Shakos:

1802-1814 Stovepipe Shako

1814-1816 Belgique Shako

1816-1844 BellTop Shako

1844-1855 Albert Shako

1855-1861 Style Shako

1861-1869 Quilted Shako

American Shakos:

American Tombstone Shako

American Marine Shako

American Militia Shako


 Other Head Gear:

Chapeau Bras

Voltigeur Bearskin Hat

Dragoon/Leather Helmets

Rev War Caps

Other Special Projects

Leather belting (including white buff), cartridge boxes, belly boxes etc.

Artillery belting, pouches and tools, leather buckets, and wooden canteens

Brass items, (matchcases, shoulder plates, custom engraving), and bits and pieces

Re-enactment Chair

Re-enactment Table

Misc. Stuff - tufts, plumes, cording, foul weather covers, rosettes and more

Cleaning White Buff Belt