Ordering Information

Jim Keller
2205 Nature Trail Crescent
Orleans, Ontario
K1W 1E7

Unless the order is a special item, I do not require a deposit.  Please Email me with exact specifications (head circumference, height or waist size if ordering belting, tuft colour or any other special instructions). Payment is due when I have made the item and have it in a box and the shipment cost can be calculated, (for that reason I need a postal code). Payment within Canada can be either E-transfer or PayPal using the Email address above.  Payment from the USA, PayPal using the Email address or I can invoice you through PayPal and a credit card can be used, (you can pay using a credit card without having a PayPal account). PayPal looks after my credit card payments so I do not have to look after credit card security.

Shako manufacture involves a lot of drying time and I am limited to 5 hat forms and muscle to stretch 2-3 shakos in one day. Some items rely on delivery of brass pieces, (buckles or plates), which are beyond my control.  I do keep a limited stock of brass items and plates for this reason.