Jim Keller's Military Accoutrements


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When Ordering:

         For a shako or hat, I will need the circumference of your head just above the ears.

         For belting, I typically need an idea of height & waist.  For a shako or hat, I will need the circumference of your head just above the ears.

         Prices as of January 2023 subject to change without notice.

         Please note: Prices are in US Dollars, for Canadian prices add 15% plus HST


         Custom Tufts


         Leather Rosettes

       Cording and Tassels

        Leather Water Bottles

        Shako Foul Weather Covers



Custom Tufts




Custom made tufts are available for shako decoration.  I need to know exact description and the stem arrangement desired.  These are handmade with 100 percent wool and hand trimmed.  Typical price is about $32.00 but can be slightly more expensive for brass base ones or larger ones. Examples of past orders are shown in several pictures.


Mexican Tufts



Custom Feather Plumes

Custom made plumes can be made to order. I have easy access to white, red, Kelly green, and black feathers to make whatever plume is desired.  Other colours are possible. Typical price is around $35.00 but may be higher depending on the size ordered.  Stem information is also required, (length, single or double wire, brass base etc.)




Leather Rosettes

These rosettes are pressed leather and hand cut.  While the standard colour for British was black, they can be ordered any colour.  War of 1812 British shakos had a 2 inch leather rosette at the base of the plume.  American shakos tended to have 3 or 4 inch rosettes and officers often had a cockade.  Stacked rosettes were seen in later years. Hand carved spiral rosettes were seen as rare examples.


2 inch rosette: $5.00
3 inch rosette: $8.00
4 inch rosette: $10.00
2 inch spiral rosette: $6.00
Leather cockade: $12.00
Stacked rosette: $15.00


Cords and Tassels

Wool Belgic shako cords as well as gold bullion tassels are available. Cords can be re-knotted to fit other various designs in shako cords such as light infantry or American shako cords.

White wool cords: $40.00

Green wool cords: $40.00

Yellow wool cords: $40.00

Red/Gold cords: $40.00

Blue/Gold cords: $40.00

Silver cords: $40.00

Pair of Gold Bullion Tassels: $25.00

Pair of Gold bullion with red wool core Tassels: $30.00


Leather Water Bottle

The water bottle is made from stretched leather, water proofed using beeswax, and double stitched. A wood cork finished off the design.  Different shapes can be accommodated.  Smaller bottles were used to carry other items such as powder.  The one on the left holds about a liter of water.

Leather Water Bottle: $70.00


Shako Foul Weather Covers

These are made from light oil cotton cloth and sewn so they easily can be added or removed.  A draw string keeps them snug on the shako and a split allows them to keep the tuft on the shako if desired.

Please specify for which shako that it is for, (stovepipe or Belgic).

Shako Foul Weather Cover: $35.00