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Cleaning a White Buff Belt

White buff leather is probably the most difficult item to keep clean. I have put together a bit of a method on cleaning your white buff belting. If caught early enough, packing tape applied to a smudge can lift off the smudge. I have also learned that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works fairly well on spots.

Below describes cleaning the entire belt.


Items Required

         Dirty Belt

         Mild Detergent

         Fine Steel Wire Brush (Make sure it is NOT Brass)

         White Pipe Clay (Can be bought at any pottery supply place very cheaply)

Remove brass shoulder plate.

Place belt in warm water and make sure it is thoroughly wet.  Do not use hot water!

Cover the belt with the mild detergent.

Using the fine wire brush, brush the detergent into the belt thoroughly.  Remember to do both sides and brush back and forth length ways to the leather. You may have to add a bit of water to the belt.

Rinse the belt thoroughly.  Use slightly warm water but make sure it is not hot.

Sprinkle the white clay onto the wet belt.

Brush the white clay into the belt thoroughly.  You may have to add a bit of water while doing this.

Let the belt dry with the white clay still on the surface of the belt. Keep an eye on it as it will need to be brushed when it is mostly dry but still slightly damp.

Brush all of the extra pipe clay off of the belting.  If it is slightly damp still, the dust will not go up into the air as much.  A vacuum may also be a bit handy at this point.

Wipe the dry belt with a dry clean towel. Try to get as much of the surface pipe clay off as possible.

The finished belt is now white again!  There may be a bit of white rub off onto your uniform but it brushes off fairly easily.