James P Powley and Rachel J Babcock Family Bible

The three pages below are from the original Bible owned by Mary Ellen Scott-Fenwick who was kind enough to scan the pages.



James Powley born
June 7th, 1785
Rachel, his wife
born October 6th, 1790
These are the dates
of the births of
the parents




Charles Powley
born September 16th
John Benjamin
Powley born
January 3rd 1814
Eliza Jane Powley
born November 13th
Jonathen Powley
born October 26th
Louisa Ann Powley
born January 11th





Sary Lucindy Powleyborn August 28th, 1821
Henry Bryan Powley
born May 13th, 1824
Azeneth Maranda
Powley born September
18th, 1826
Joseph Waldren
Powley born March
3rd, 1829
Sabra Mariah Powley
born July 18th, 1831




Kingston Feb 17th, 1819
This may certify all
Whom it may concern
that James Powley
and Rachel Babcock
after due publication
of bands were
married by and before
me according to the order
and form of the Church
of God this day above
witnesses            Thomas
of                  Whitehead
 ___ in              Elder of
Michael      the Methodist
John Grass       E Church
Daniel Ferris

John Nelson Babcock
born Feb 3, 1847
married his second wife
Mary Eliza Jane Sanderson
born Feb 15, 1855
in Oso Frontenac on
May 2nd 1887
Their children
Fred Sanderson Babcock
born in Frontenac on
June 2nd, 1888
Herbert Delroy Babcock
born March 13, 1891
Beatrice Helena Babcock
born Jun 13, 1894
Emma Elizabeth Babcock
born Nov 2, 1897
Fred S Babcock married
Eva May B Woodley born
Oct 13, 1887
Herbert Delroy Babcock
married Hazel Pascoe
June 17 1914
Beatrice H Babcock
married to Gordon Fenwick
June 16, 1917
Emma E Babcock
married Francis L Bewick
Oct 14, 1916 




James Powley died February 25, 1838
John Nelson Babcock
died in Aurora, Ont.
April 1929-
Mary E Babcock died
Dec 15, 1935 in Aurora
Fred S Babcock died
Nov 19, 1949
Herbert Babcock died
March 3, 1938





Jonathan Powley
died March 12th, 1818