Lennox Militia Muster 1838

The following is a transcription of the Lennox Militia Muster List used to pay the troops from November 1838 for the 1st and 2nd Regiment.

There is duplication in the listings as units changed from one month to another.  Some are pay listings for November while others are for December.  I have transcribed the microfilm pages as they were filmed.  The listing is displayed in two columns and were filmed for each regiment as the left column top to bottom and then the right column to to bottom for each regiment.

The original scans are found by clicking on the company title.

Note: "Rank & File" is referring to a rank of "Private".

Please let me know of any transcription errors.

Lennox Militia 1838, 1st Regt
Captain Samuel Casey Troop of Cavalry, 1st Regt Dec 1838   Captain Samuel Casey 1st Lennox Dragoons Nov 1838
Rank Given Name Surname   Rank Given Name Surname
Captain Samuel Casey   Captain Samuel Casey
Lieutenant Jacob Detlor   Lieutenant Jacob Detlor
Cornet Thomas Casey   Cornet Thomas Casey
Troop Sergeant Horatio N Casey   Troop Srgt Mj'r Horatio Nelson Casey
Sergeant Gilbert S Casey   Sergeant Reuben B Clapp
Sergeant Reuben A Clapp   Sergeant Gilbert I Casey
Sergeant Gordon D German   Sergeant Gordon D German
Corporal Byard Detlor   Corporal Simeon Trumpour
Corporal Simon Trumpour   Corporal Byard Detlor
Private John Green   Corporal Edaric Mallary
Private William Briggs   Private Gilbert Griffis
Private Joseph E Gunsaulus   Private George Sills
Private Ebenezer Ham   Private John Huyck
Private Philip Dorland   Private Jacob Rikely
Private Archibald C Davis   Private Edward H Curles
Private William West   Private John M Rombough
Private William Griffis   Private Martin Shewman
Private John B Outwaters   Private James Fitchet
Private John Charters   Private Cyrinus Parks
Private Duncan Hough   Private Paul Trumpour
Private Paul T Dorland   Private Conrad B Cole
Private Martin Shewman   Private Daniel Outwater
Private James Fitchet   Private James Fitchet
Private Paul Trumpour   Private Paul Trumpour
Private Daniel Outwater   Private Daniel Outwater
Private Jason Harnes   Private James P Forshea
Private Augustus N Huyck   Private Jason Homes
Private John Trumpour   Private Henry Airhart
Private Noah P Frasier   Private David Parks
Private Christopher J Huyck   Private Augustus M Huyck
Private William N Fletcher   Private John Trumpour
Private Stephen Spencer   Private Rynard Quackenbush
Private Michael Welch   Private John B Outwater
Private Levi Canniff   Private Noah P Frasier
Private Richard Joyce   Private Christopher G Huyck
Private Daniel Bidell   Private George Elisha Sills
Private David Ruttan   Private Peter Parks
Private James Trumpour   Private William N Fletcher
Private John Griffis   Private Stephen Spencer
Private Jacob Marsh   Private Michael Welch
Private William M Casey   Private William Roney
Private Isaah Abrahams   Private Samuel R Casey
Private Samuel Hawley   Private Levi Caniff
        Private Richard Joyce
Captain Peter V Dorland Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Private John A Spencer
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Daniel R Bidell
Captain Peter V Dorland   Private Archibald Davis
Lieutenant Richard Davern   Private Phillip Dorland
Ensign William Lowe   Private John B Charters
Sergeant John C Ruttan   Private David Ruttan
Sergeant Henry Hoover   Private Paul T Dorland
Sergeant John Outwater   Private William Griffis
Private George Heforth   Private Jacob Marsh
Private Oliver Donovan   Private William H Casey
Private David W Allison   Private William McPherson
Private Hugh Filson   Private Isaah Abrahams
Private David Gee   Private Duncan Hough
Private David Outwater   Private Ebenezer Ham
Private John Dorann   Private John Green
Private Arthur MacCormick   Private William West
Private Walter Johnston   Private James Trumpour
Private James Oshanney   Private William Briggs
Private Aaron Soles   Private John Griffis
Private Solomon Huff        
Private John Gordon   Captain John Church Company 1st Regt Nov 1838
Private John MacCormick   Rank Given Name Surname
Private Richard Rouck   Captain John Church
Private John McAlease   Lieutenant Andrew Embry
Private William Lawrence   Ensign William Diamond
Private James Johnston   Sergeant Barnabus Hough
Private Dennis Dunahoo   Sergeant William J Hoan
Private John Curtis   Sergeant Thuffor Prume
Private Francis Waines   Sergeant Thomas Nelson
Private Thomas Thompson   Private Samuel Ray
Private Peter Jones   Private William Chapman
Private Edward Jones   Private James Youngs
Private William Peterson   Private John Murphy
Private Allen Rathbone   Private James Silliman
Private Faxtom A Rathbone   Private Solomon Boyce
Private William Foss   Private Hugh Glenn
Private Samuel Appleton   Private John Scott
Private Andrew Gerow   Private Thomas Cowan
Private Robert Woodhouse   Private David McCarty
Private Jacob Howe   Private Augustes Ackenson
Private George Brooks   Private Peter Casey
Private Thomas Covill   Private Benjamin Sloan
Private Thomas Dale   Private James Newten
Private Lyon Roblin   Private John R Defoe
Private Peter Ford   Private Caleb Defoe
Sergeant William E Harris   Private Jacob Wager
Private Samuel Johnston   Private Peter Wager
Private John Jr Allen   Private John Sills
Private John I McAtson   Private William Sills
Private Archibald Hoover   Private John Hough
        Private David Fitchet
Captain Archibald Campbell Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Private Nelson Pringle
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Alpheus Cadman
Captain Archibald Campbell   Private Conrad Cadman
Lieutenant Mathew Ruttan   Private Jarvis? Niven
Ensign James Vanalstine   Private Asa Cadman
Sergeant Peter Sills   Private Barnabus Diamond
Sergeant Michael McCabe   Private William Diamond
Private Philip Richardson   Private Edward McGillen
Private David Wager   Private Moses Fitchet
Private Martin H Sills        
Private Charles Vankoughnet   Captain William T Spencer's Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838
Private William Dryden   Rank Given Name Surname
Private Thomas Dryden   Captain William T Spencer
Private Edward Armstrong   Lieutenant John V Detlor
Private George Armstrong   Sergeant James Hart
Private Bernard Cole   Sergeant Asahel B McCoy
Private Jacob Post   Sergeant John Bartles
Private Elias McCabe   Private John Millan
Private James Frink   Private Thomas McAfee
Private Alexander Keith   Private Charles Millan
Private Jacob Hough   Private John Barrager
Private John Fields   Private Francis Mannin
        Private George J Smith
Staff and Captain Duncan McKenzie Coy, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Private Russel Hart
Rank Given Name Surname   Private William Madden
Colonel Samuel Doolan   Private James W Smith
Lieut Colonel Thomas Kirkpatrick   Private James H Comer
Major John Trumpour   Private John Comer
Surgeon James Allen   Private Charles Chambers
Lieut Adjutant George Schryver   Private Richard Dawson
Quarter Master Thomas Douglass        
V Math Sergeant Oliver I Pring   Captain Henry Davis' Company, 1st Regt Dec 1838
Sergeant Major Jacob Schryver   Rank Given Name Surname
Captain Duncan McKenzie   Captain Henry Davis
Lieutenant James Chamberlain   Lieutenant William M Roblin
Ensign Andrew D Campbell   Ensign Richard Ham
Sergeant George Asselstine   Sergeant William G Bartlels
Sergeant James Campbell   Sergeant Peter Windover
Private Henry Ham   Sergeant Jacob Schryver
Private John W Bristol   Corporal Elias Clapp
Private Alijah P Simmons   Corporal George German
Private Richard Lloyd   Private James Bush
Private John C Lloyd   Private Joseph Keller
Private John Bush   Private Charles Vankoughnett
Private James Bush   Private Robert Lyons
Private Robison Lyons   Private Charles Richardson
Private Henry Finkle   Private Josiah Vankoughnett
        Private Joseph Millar
Captain Henry Davis' Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Private William Dryden
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Edward Carscallen
Captain Henry Davis   Private Henry Finkle
Lieutenant William Sills   Private David W Allison
Ensign William Crawford   Private James Johnston
Sergeant William Vankoughnett   Private Joseph Hazlett
Sergeant Jacob Sills   Private Mathias Moore
Sergeant Joseph Rankin   Private Robert Cade
Private William Gannon   Private Charles Chambers
Private George Lloyd   Private Gilbert Richardson
Private Edward McCurco   Private Paul Merrit
Private John Salisbury   Private John Thomson
Private Edward Lloyd   Private James Richardson
Private Joseph Keller   Private William Eldridge
Private Cornelius Alcombrack   Private Patrick Welch
Private William Asselstine   Private George Potter
Private John Keller   Private Michael Huffman
Private Robert Edgar   Private Nelson Charters
Private Cyril Asselstine   Private Abraham Loyst
Private Michael Keller   Private Peter Benson
Private Tobias Young   Private John Keller
Private Christian Vankoughnett   Private Charles Miller
Private Alex Weston   Private David Wagar
Private Alex Edgar        
        Captain Samuel Casey Troop of Cavalry, 1st Regt Feb 1839
Captain Hugh Macdonald Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Rank Given Name Surname
Rank Given Name Surname   Captain Samuel Casey
Captain Hugh Macdonald   Lieutenant Jacob Detlor
Lieutenant Luke Carscallan   Cornet Thomas Casey
Ensign Richard Ham   Troop Sergeant Horatio N Casey
Sergeant William Rombough   Sergeant Gilbert S Casey
Sergeant George G Badels   Sergeant Reuben A Clapp
Sergeant Peter Windover   Sergeant Gordon D German
Private Edward Carscallan   Corporal Byard Detlor
Private Henry Wilde   Corporal Simeon Trumpour
Private Jacob Windover   Private John Green
Private William Rickly   Private William Briggs
Private Michael  Huffman   Private Joseph E Gunsaulus
Private Josiah Vankoughnett   Private Ebenezer Ham
Private William Dale   Private Philip Dorland
Private Charles Gill   Private Archibald C Davis
Private Ralph Wale   Private William West
Private Benjamin Smith   Private William Griffis
Private Lencelot Armstrong   Private John B Outwaters
Private Owen Sealy   Private John Charters
Private George Vanalstine   Private Duncan Hough
Private Patrick Phalan   Private Paul T Dorland
Private Thomas Scales   Private Martain Shewman
Private William Edgar   Private James Fitchet
Private Phillip Edgar   Private Paul Trumpour
Private David Edgar   Private Daniel Outwater
Private John Hopkins   Private Jason Harnes
Private Andrew Fraser   Private Augustus N Huyck
Private Thomas Carscallan   Private John Trumpour
Private Henry McCullen   Private Noah P Frasier
        Private Christopher J Huyck
Captain Burger Huyck Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Private William N Fletcher
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Stephen Spencer
Captain Burger Huyck   Private Michael Welch
Lieutenant John Bogert   Private Levy Canniff
Ensign John Huffman   Private Richard Joyce
Sergeant Lewis Bogert   Private Daniel Bidell
Sergeant James Crage   Private David Ruttan
Rank & File William H German   Private James Trumpour
Rank & File William Eldridge   Private John Griffis
Rank & File Garret Benson   Private Jacob Marsh
Rank & File Peter Benson   Private William M Casey
Rank & File James Richardson   Private Isaah Abrahams
Rank & File Charles Richardson   Private Samuel Hawley
Rank & File Valantine Joyce        
Rank & File Joseph Hezlet   Captain John Church Company 1st Regt Nov 1838
Rank & File Francis Duprey   Rank Given Name Surname
Rank & File Nathaniel R Parks   Captain John Church
Rank & File George German   Lieutenant William M Roblin
Rank & File John Hough   Ensign William Diamond
        Sergeant William J Hoan
Captain Joseph A Allison Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Sergeant Elias Clapp
Rank Given Name Surname   Sergeant Francis Wayne
Captain none     Private William Armstrong
Lieutenant William M Roblin   Private Henry Armstrong
Ensign John M Dafoe   Private John Anderson
Sergeant Philip Garrison   Private James Ackerman
Sergeant Peter Loyst   Private David W Allison
Sergeant Solomon Wright   Private Adam Ackerman
Sergeant Anthony Denik   Private James J Burke
Rank & File Charles Clapp   Private George Brooks
Rank & File Allan Clapp   Private John Boyd
Rank & File James Dafoe   Private Francis Brough
Rank & File Daniel W Dafoe   Private David Brown
Rank & File Andrew Diamond   Private James Clark
Rank & File Elias C Brown   Private Dorland L Clapp
Rank & File John Loyst   Private Allen Clapp
Rank & File Henry Loyst   Private John Jr Clapp
Rank & File Abraham Loyst   Private Edward Cole
Rank & File Francis Vandawaters   Private John Cole
Rank & File William L Rikely   Private Hugh Close
Rank & File William R Milen   Private Asa Cadman
Rank & File Charles Mays   Private Conrad Cadman
Rank & File Joseph Miller   Private William Cadman
Rank & File Andrew Rikely   Private Robert Cadman
Rank & File Merrit McCan   Private Thomas Cowan
Rank & File James Dulmage   Private Robert Carleton
Rank & File William Cadman   Private Alpheus Cadman
Rank & File Samuel Canahan   Private Conrad Cadman
Rank & File Adam Ackerman   Private Andrew Downey
Rank & File John McCutchem   Private James Dafoe
Rank & File Robert Patterson   Private Peter A Dafoe
Rank & File James Pringle   Private Caleb Dafoe
Rank & File Robert Carleton   Private Barnabas Dimond
Rank & File Cyrus Pringle   Private Baltus Dimond
Rank & File Henry Pringle   Private Abraham Dimond
Rank & File Thomas Hart   Private John Dorland
Rank & File Jacob Peterson   Private Edward Dayton
Rank & File Andrew Scott   Private Oliver Davine
Rank & File George Rikely   Private John Gee
Rank & File Andrew Downey   Private Hugh Glenn
Rank & File Edward Cole   Private Michael Gallagher
Rank & File William Ray   Private Philip Garrison
Rank & File Peter Gordonier   Private Edward Hickey
Rank & File John Gee   Private George Harwood
Rank & File Peter Lyman   Private John G Snr Hough
Rank & File James G Burk   Private John G Jnr Hough
Rank & File James Knowlan   Private Alpheus Hustoon
Rank & File Peter H Day   Private Thomas Hart
Rank & File George Harwood   Private John Huffman
Rank & File Conrad Sills   Private John Hazlett
Rank & File Elisha Sills   Private George Heessell
Rank & File William Hall   Private Delieu Ham
Rank & File Marvel Garrison   Private Samuel E Hover
Rank & File Michael Goliker   Private Samuel Johnston
Rank & File Jacob Rikely   Private Henry Lawrence
Rank & File Anarme Pringle   Private John Loyst
Rank & File Delien Ham   Private Henry Loyst
Rank & File William Steel   Private Abraham Loyst
Rank & File Edward Rikely   Private Robert McCutchion
Rank & File Gilbert Pringle   Private John McCutchion
Rank & File John McLaughlin   Private William Murdoff
        Private William R Miller
Captain John G Clute Company, 1st Regt Nov 1838   Private Henry Mitchell
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Merritt McCann
Captain John G Clute   Private Charles Mayes
Ensign J P Ruttan   Private John Murphy
Ensign Martin Hough   Private John McLaughlin
Sergeant William B Sills   Private Jacob Peterson
Sergeant William G F Clute   Private Dunham Peterson
Sergeant Nicholas W Murdoff   Private David Peterson
Sergeant William McDowell   Private Henry Peterson
Private John Close   Private Heazlett Peterson
Private Robert Black   Private Cephus Peterson
Private Peter S Keller   Private William Peterson
Private Elijah Young   Private Andrew Pringle
Private Peter S Young   Private Cyrus Pringle
Private Thomas Downey   Private James Pringle
Private John Jr Bell   Private Gilbert Pringle
Private Samuel Black   Private Andrew Ryckly
Private Andrew Buck   Private William L Ryckly
Private John Boyd   Private Jacob Ryckly
Private William Green   Private George Ryckly
Private Samuel Cadman   Private William Richards
Private Patrick Welsh   Private James Robinson
Private James Reed   Private Richard Rook
Private Nelson Charters   Private George Sills
Private Martin K Benn   Private William Steel
Private Valentine Benn   Private Benjamin Sloan
Private James Falloon   Private Andrew Scott
Private Henry Sharp   Private John Scott
Private John F Clute   Private Francis Vandewater
Private John Patterson   Private William Vandewater
Private John Sills   Private Stephen VanDyck
        Private Thomas S Wood
        Private Jacob Wagar
        Private Peter M Wagar
        Private Robert Wayms
        Private William Wright
        Private Elias Wagar
        Private Richard Young
        Private Jacob Young

Lennox Militia 1838, 2nd Regt
Lieutenant Archibald McNeill, 2nd Regt Dec 1837   Captain James Fraser Company, 2nd Regt November 1838
Employed escorting armies from Kingston to Napanee   Rank Given Name Surname
Rank Given Name Surname   Captain James Fraser
Lieutenant Archibald McNeill   Lieutenant John M Detlor
Sergeant Edmond Reef   Ensign Charles McGreer
Private Edward Baker   Sergeant Walter Hick
Private Samuel See   Sergeant Ostron Markle
Private Benjamin Smith   Sergeant Charles Markle
Private James Jarman   Sergeant Thomas Moyle
Private Francis Cassidy   Corporal Loughlin McNeill
Private John O'Brien   Corporal Reuben Oliver
Private Thomas Lynch   Corporal Isaac Markle
Private John Cockings   Corporal John Sager
Private John Runent   Private Cornelius Oliver
        Private Nichalas Oliver
Lieutenant Archibald McNeill, 2nd Regt Feb 1838   Private Asa Oliver
Employed escorting armies from Napanee to Kingston   Private Jacob Oliver
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Hiram Markle
Lieutenant Archibald McNeill   Private Gilbert Markle
Sergeant George McCormick   Private Jonas Delyea
Private Alexander W Mayack   Private Adam E Sager
Private John Chamberlan   Private Samuel Follen
Private Robert Bell   Private John Sr Sayer 
Private Joseph Casper   Private Adam Sanderson
Private James Hart   Private Daniel Stratten
Private John Hosey   Private Adam Sager
Private Benjamin Smith   Private Edward Robin
Private Andrew Stevenson   Private Simard Pierson
Private J G Pringle   Private Edward Kimmerly
Private William Taylor   Private Abraham Bowen
        Private John Allan
Captain Archibald McNeill's Company, 2nd Regt March 1838   Private Isaac Mowers
Rank Given Name Surname   Private Abram Woodcock
Captain Archibald McNeill   Private Peter Grady
Lieutenant Fletcher Empey   Private Gilbert Sager
Ensign Charles Chamberlain   Private William Marricle
Ensign George MCCormick   Private George McDonald
Sergeant George W Pappas   Private Charles McDonnell
Sergeant Nicol Nicholson   Private Mat Kimberly
Sergeant Robert Ball   Private Hiram Simmons
Corporal Joseph Cooper   Private John Dunigan
Corporal John Delyea   Private Richard Cole
Private William Bowman   Private Richard Ottey
Private John Burnip   Private Archibald McGreer
Private Abraham Bowen   Private Thomas Oldfield
Private Abraham D Bowen   Private William York
Private Owen Baldwin   Private Daniel Gould
Private William Baker   Private George German
Private John Bowen   Private John McHenney
Private John Booth   Private Thomas McGreer
Private John A Bowen   Private Frederick Oliver
Private Edward  Baker   Private George Bowen
Private Victor Bowen   Private James Bowen
Private F Bowen   Private Thomas Bowen
Private Robert Brown   Private Frederick A Sager
Private John Campbell   Private James Wilson
Private Charles Campbell   Private John Jaynes
Private John Coulson   Private Richard Marricle
Private James Corison   Private Carsin Strathen
Private James Davidson   Private David Graham
Private C Dunovan   Private Adam Sager
Private William Gordon   Private David Foot
Private P Garrison   Private Henry Abrams
Private Alexander Keith   Private John Hayes
Private James Kiloran   Private Adam Sager
Private Thomas Kiloran   Private Nicholas Kring
Private Andrew McDonald   Private John G Marricle
Private John McKelley   Private George Bennet
Private R McInnis   Private A B Atkinson
Private Michael Morris        
Private Henry McAuley   Captain Alex Campbell Company, 2nd Regt, November 1838
Private Neil McNeill   Rank Given Name Surname
Private Archibald McGreer   Captain Alexander Campbell
Private Moses Meachem   Lieutenant James Demorest
Private Robert Nelson