Pictures from Old Keller Photo Albums

The following links go to various sections of old Keller photo albums which originated from Thomas Durlin Keller's wife, Annie Fleming, their sons, James Leslie Keller and John Herbert Keller, and John's wife, Pearl Bawn.  I have attempted to divide the pages into sections representing various families as much as possible.  There are many unknown people in these pages primarily, family members who immigrated to California and to other parts of the USA.  If anybody can help out on identifying these people or correcting the identity of the pictures I would be most grateful.  If you would like to post further pictures of old Keller photos, please contact me or Email them to me.  The identity of some of the photographs were done by very old family members whose memory might have produced some errors.  Let me know if there are any errors please.  I will slowly be adding pictures as I get them scanned.


Bawn Family of Croydon

Keller/Fleming Family Charcoal Sketches

Thomas Fleming & Mary Hannah Family Pictures

William A Hinch & Hester Isabella Keller Family Pictures

Jonathan Ferris Quigley & Elizabeth Ann Keller Family Pictures

Croydon & Centerville Keller Family Picnics

Charles Fox Keller & Hester Ann Rogers & Family

Thomas Durlin Keller & Annie Fleming & Family