Pages From Keller Bibles and Old Photo Albums

The three pages below are from the original Bible owned by Peter Samuel Keller and Clarinda Schryver.  The Bible was passed on to Mary Alice Keller who married Jacob Smith Rombough.  From there it went to Seymour Benjamin Rombough and then to his daughter Ada Margaret Rombough who married Harold Doupe. Ada passed away in 2001.  The present whereabouts of the Bible is unknown.

Keller/Rombough Bible
Page 1

Keller/Rombough Bible
Page 2

Keller/Rombough Bible
Page 3


The two pages below are from the Thomas Durlin Keller Family's photo album written in by his wife, Annie Fleming, and passed down to their son, John Herbert Keller.  It had been updated by John's wife, Pearl Bawn at some point in time.


Below are pages from the Christian Keller Bible.  This Christian is the son of Willem Keller and Sabina Schneider.  They were not Loyalist and remained in New York after the Revolutionary War.  Christian Keller UE was Willem Keller's uncle.