Amherst Island Independent Company Militia Muster 1838/1839

The following is a transcription of the Amherst Island Independent  Company Militia List used to pay the troops for November 1838 and March 1839.

There are several other "lists" which are exact duplications of these names.  They were for clothing allowance and other pay periods. I have left these duplicate lists out.

The original scans are found by clicking on the company title.

Please let me know of any transcription errors.

Amherst Island Independent Company
Capt John S Cummins Company - Dec 1838   Capt John S Cummins Company - March 1839
Rank Given Name Surname   Rank Given Name Surname
Captain John S Cummins   Captain John S Cummins
Lieutenant William Dundas Hale   Lieutenant William Dundas Hale
Lieutenant John Hitchins   Lieutenant John Hitchins
Sergeant Robert Burleigh   Sergeant Robert Burleigh
Sergeant William Gibson   Sergeant William Gibson
Sergeant James Preston   Sergeant James Preston
Sergeant Hugh Spring   Sergeant Hugh Spring
Corporal Samuel Smith   Corporal Samuel Smith
Corporal James Strain   Corporal James Strain
Corporal James Scott   Corporal James Scott
Corporal Hugh Patterson   Corporal Hugh Patterson
Private Hugh McMillan   Private Hugh McMillan
Private John Tindal   Private John Tindal
Private Samuel Barry   Private Samuel Barry
Private Thomas Shaw   Private Thomas Shaw
Private William Coulter   Private William Coulter
Private James McQuaid   Private James McQuaid
Private Francis McMaster   Private Francis McMaster
Private John Gibson   Private John Gibson
Private Joseph Hamilton   Private Joseph Hamilton
Private Anthony Ivey   Private Anthony Ivey
Private Samuel McMath   Private Samuel McMath
Private William Gelston   Private William Gelston
Private Alexander Speers   Private Alexander Speers
Private James Costello   Private James Costello
Private James McMath   Private James McMath
Private William Clark   Private William Clark
Private John McQuoid   Private John McQuoid
Private William Craig   Private William Craig
Private Henry Haldenby   Private Henry Holdenby
Private John Weller   Private John Weller
Private John Glenn   Private John Glenn
Private Joseph Boyd   Private Joseph Boyd
Private John Treleven   Private John Treleven
Private Samuel Glen   Private Samuel Glen
Private James McFadden   Private James McFadden
Private John McBean   Private John McBean
Private Thomas Cousins   Private Thomas Cousins
Private George B Fleming   Private George B Fleming
Private David Boyce   Private David Boyce
Private John Finnagan   Private John Finnagan
Private William Cousins   Private William Cousins
Private Charles Gonio   Private Charles Gonio
Private Robert Johnston   Private Robert Johnston
Private Joseph Gonio   Private Joseph Gonio
Private James Annett   Private James Annett
Private Thomas Bibby   Private Thomas Bibby
Private Patrick Darby   Private Patrick Darby
Private David Larke   Private David Larke
Private John Larke   Private John Larke
Private Augustus Haiter   Private Augustus Haiter
Private James Hobbs   Private James Hobbs
Private Archibald Hutton   Private Archibald Hutton
Private John McTaggart   Private John McTaggart
Private John Duzenbury   Private John Duzenbury
Private David H Preston   Private David H Preston
Private Patrick Little   Private Patrick Little
Private William Gwiddeux   Private William Gwiddeux
Private Stephen Tugwell   Private Stephen Tugwell
Private Mathew Renshaw   Private Mathew Renshaw
Private James Finnagan   Private James Finnagan
Private Henry Davy   Private Henry Davy
Private Hugh McMath   Private Hugh McMath
Private Thomas Treleven   Private Thomas Treleven
Private Francis Quintell   Private Francis Quintell
Private Daniel Hickey   Private Daniel Hickey
Private John Brookmire   Private John Brookmire
Private Hugh Higgins   Private Hugh Higgins
Private John McCabe   Private John McCabe
Private James Finney   Private James Finney
Private John Pendland   Private John Pendland
Private John McWaters   Private John McWaters
Private John McLintock   Private John McLintock
Private Andrew Finley   Private Andrew Finley
Private John Wemp   Private John Wemp
Private John McKenty   Private John McKenty
Private Thomas Murray   Private Thomas Murray
Private William Patterson   Private William Patterson
Private Samuel McWaters   Private Samuel McWaters
Private Robert Henderson   Private Robert Henderson
Private Pascal LaLond   Private Pascal LaLond
Private Antoine Livernoie   Private George Brownlei
Private George Brownlei   Private Antoine Livernoie
Private William Irvine   Private Phillip Baker
Private Edward Allen   Private Jacob Baker
Private David Lawson   Private William Irvine
Private Eneas McMullan   Private Edward Allen
Private William Kensler   Private David Lawson
Private Hugh Polly   Private Eneas McMullan
Private Phillip Baker   Private William Kensler
Private Jacob Baker   Private Hugh Polly